Asians for Humans, Animals & Nature
Testimonials: Quotes from Organizations and Individuals


The Fund For Animals Inc.
Virginia Handley, former San Francisco Director

"Your organization, AHAN, has accomplished much in educating all communities, but especially Asian ones, as to the necessity of respect for nature and compassion toward animals. AHAN’s belief that the fate of animals, nature and humankind is inextricably woven together is one that is shared by the California office of the Fund for Animals. It is our hope that AHAN will continue to play its vital role in years to come."

Earth Island Institute
Mark Berman, Program Associate

"Thank you and AHAN for your continued hard work for the protection and respect for animals and the environment. Your work is very important in teaching the Asian communities that our non-human inhabitants of the planet deserve to be treated with compassion."

Richard Avanzino, Former President

"Thank you for your efforts on behalf of live animals sold for human consumption in San Francisco. We applaud your personal courage and dedication to helping the animals."

Engrid Newkirk, President

"Thank you for your effort on behalf of animals, especially within the Asian communities."


Peter (and Francis and Scout and Jackie)
"I was so moved by the chronicles of the souls you have saved (and yes I think, like you, that there is a soul in every living creature) that I felt compelled to write to you. Jackie and my fostering and subsequent search for Rocky #1 stirred a love for all of this world's creatures. We are bound together. And Jackie and Scout and Peter and Francis are proof positive. Jackie and Scout are flourishing in St. Loius and Francis is a great supervisor, on many SF job sites. Thank you for these gifts."

Tammy Bell
"Thank you again for all your help with donations for the casino cats and for finding homes for the feral kittens I have trapped and socialized each year."

Fred Bar
"What I saw makes me feel you are doing twice the job of the SPCA."

"I really appreciate your kindness, I could learn a lot of things, not only English, but also I learned about volunteer and environment. Most of my friends said I changed a lot…I agree…I think it’s all because I could meet good people like you and absorb your knowledge and way of thinking…Thank you ver much for everything…Take care! And please say hello to cats."

"I told my parents and some friends about the food. Thanks you, I could know about food and health. I was very glad to stay with you. I’m trying to check natural food shops around my town."

Alice Lee
"You have really opened my heart to a greater compassion for animals and those of other species. You have truly taught me a lot and I shall never forget all that you have done for me. You have influenced my life with the newspaper readings and your past experience stories more than you know. Thank you."

Ivy R.
"You are truly earning your 'Angel Wings' Thank you for the love and joy you have brought into my life."