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Helping Your Animal Deal with Separation Anxieties

Sometimes, our pets are like Velcro, they want to be attached to us, no matter where we go. For many animals, it can be emotionally taxing for their owners to leave them alone. We all know how hard it can be to leave our pets for a full day, especially when they notice the first sign that we're leaving and do everything in their power to make us stay.

If your animal howls or whines the second you begin to gather your car keys and put on your jacket to leave the house, you may need to make some changes to improve their comfort. Fortunately, there are numerous ways that you can help your animal deal with their anxiety or stressful feelings that occur when you are forced to leave them alone, including:

  • - Desensitizing your routine when you leave the house
  • - Observing your pet while you are gone, in order to make sure that they're okay
  • - Gradually build up your absence by training your animal to be used to your being gone
  • - Utilize crate training to give your animal a safe place to be during your absence

For other ideas, see this guide to treating your pet's separation anxiety to develop other methods that will help your animal better handle your inevitable absences.


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