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Sometimes, it takes a whole village! ( Apr 2007)

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The following story occured in 2006 with an update: Nana is now in a loving home and renamed Hannah!
Nana was found by a rescuer in an underground dog meat market. She saw Nana in a trap which had cut off one of her paws. Nana was in shock and in despair, but despite the terrible condition she was in, the rescuer saw the kind, gentle sweetness in Nanaís eyes pleading for help. The rescuer couldnít walk away from this helpless little soul, so she paid to get her out of that horrible situation. She also reported them to the authorities, and the place was closed down eventually.

The rescuer didnít think Nana was adoptable because of a missing paw and the fact that she was so terrified of people. She was placed in a private sanctuary. Although Nana had her own cage and the cage door was always open, she never left it until it was feeding time. She didnít want to mingle with the other dogs. She was living in a world of her own as if she didnít know what life was like.

Originally we didn't even know about Nana. There was a mixup of pictures. We were expecting to adopt out a dog named Toby, but received a picture of a different dog — Nana. Apparently the dogs looked very similar. Toby, was very friendly and we eventually found her a very nice home, but seeing the picture of Nana we were intent to find out about the real story of Nana. Our heart went out to her and we wanted to help Nana find her a good home.

The Adoption and the Escape
A very nice family was willing to give Nana a chance. But after about a week, the family felt Nana would be much happier in a home with a retired lady who is their friend. We discussed this and agreed to visit the lady and try it for a few days. Unfortunately when the lady was trying to put the leash on Nana to visit her friend, the front door was open and Nana escaped. They put up flyers and searched for her, but couldnít find her. They called us and we also got involved by posting and adding reward signs all around the neighborhood. A few days later, Nana showed up in their back yard, but the minute the lady of the house tried to approach her, she took off. It was winter season, cold and wet. We were really worried about her. She had been shown up a few more times, but no one could get her.

The Search and the Rescue
During the searching for Nana, we received a phone call from a caring woman named Kerry who told us she was interested in Nana. When we told her Nana was missing, to my surprise, she not only didnít change her mind about wanting Nana, but offered to rent a trap to help catch her. She came to the area where Nana was missing and started talking to almost every neighbor. She walked door to door with flyers and placed ads in the local paper. We offered a $300 reward for Nanaís safe return. We spotted her from time to time, but even with one missing paw, she was running very fast and we couldnít keep up with her. The good news was that she was staying in the same area and was seen frequently. Several dog lovers in the neighborhood befriended us and assisted us in our efforts.

It was about four weeks later when we got the phone call we were waiting for. Nana was trapped in someone's yard. The gentleman had seen the flyer and knew she must be the lost dog. His dogs had apparently spooked her and she hid herself in massive brush. A group of us gathered, and we finally reached her. She was scared, tired, smelly, dehydrated and full of ticks (29 to be exact). Kerry was able to take her straight home where she got a well needed bath. One of the neighbors, who runs his own rescue, recommended Kerry tether Nana to her for as long as possible. Kerry did not go anywhere without her for four days. She was even tethered to the bed at night. Kerry did not allow her to "hide" in a crate, as Kerry wanted her to know that she was her safety net. During those first days, she rarely made direct eye contact. Even being pet close up seemed to frighten her. Her eyes were glassy, as if she were still in shock. She probably was. She was the most submissive dog Kerry had ever come across. It took several months for the first lick on Kerryís cheek and Nana seemed a little embarrassed. Kerry was happy to report that she's over that.
Read the rescue story direct from the newspaper article!

The Happy Beginning
Below is a report from Kerry about Hannah (changed from Nana) after eleven months.

I've had the pleasure of Hannah's company for eleven months now and she has come so very far. She greets me at the door. She gives kisses quite frequently. She even barks at the mailman. She has a ways to go, but these are giant steps for this little creature. Hannah is sweet and very shy. But she has a happy face now and smiles all the time. So unlike the dog that I first met. She walks with me without a leash and holds her tail high. I have no fear of her running away as Hannah knows that she is home.

Vicky, I wanted to add the fact that everyone (including me) thought I was crazy, chasing after a dog that could be feral and might attack my children. But I had faith! She's a doll.



The result of the local rescue effort with a happy, safe NaNa
Kerry and NaNa ( now named Hannah )
Kerry and NaNa ( now named Hannah )
Hannah chilling at her new, safe home! ( 2006 )

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