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Lukki - How AHAN found me a home 6 1/2 years ago
( November 2009 )

First I want to thank you for adopting my sisters and brothers from Asians For Humans, Animals & Nature (AHAN). I too was helped by AHAN. You see, when I was a puppy, only two weeks old, my sister and I were purchased from a street person by my first human mom in San Francisco.

She bottle fed us until we were healthy and strong. Unfortunately, our human momís grandmother was a sick lady suffering from Alzheimerís disease. She always picked on us and hit us when our human mom was not watching.

My sister was very protective of our family. Because of the bad experience she had with the human grandmother, she became very suspicious if anyone came to the door.

One day, a friend of the family who has our house key decided to come visit us without letting our human mom know (even our human mom told that friend never to come our house without letting our human mom know first, but this friend didnít listen). When this lady opened the door, my sister bit her because she thought it was an intruder. She really didnít bite very hard, but this lady made a big fuss about the whole situation and my sister was taken away to the city pound. My human mom couldnít save her and the city pound euthenized her the very next day. I was heartbroken and sad.

About a week later, the grandmother tried to use a broomstick to hit me, and my human mom tried to take the stick away from her. I thought the grandmother was trying to hurt my human mom, so I nibbled at grandmotherís hand and tried to stop her.

Next thing you know a social worker came to our house and insisted that my mom file a report with the police. My mom refused because she knew I would end up like my sister. Finally, mom agreed to take me away from my home but she didnít have anywhere to put me, so she asked her ex-boyfriend to help. It wasnít much of a home, because I was a placed in a basement garage cold and damp without much sunlight.

My mom couldnít visit me often because it was far away. I was confused, depressed, lonely and sad because I didnít know what was wrong. I was in that cold dark room for almost three months.

Momís ex-boyfriend started pressuring her to take me away. Mom tried so hard to find me a home but none of the organizations she contacted offered any help until she found AHAN. They made arrangements for me to go to a very spacious kennel in Petaluma. For the first time, I had my own room and a huge fenced in area where I could run my little heart out. AHAN told my mom to send a picture of me so they could post it on their website.

My first adoption interview (in Sacramento) didnít work out, but one day a retired policeman named Tom came to visit me and it was love at first sight. I knew the moment I saw my new dad, and I gave him a big hug and kisses. Now I am living in a beautiful home in Mill Valley, helping my new dad with his home improvement projects. I can sleep anywhere in my new home and I also have a big backyard to go to anytime I want. My dad takes me for walks every day. We go everywhere together. Everyone I met loves me, because I give them hugs and kiss. There is a special friend who gives me a treat every time I pass by his house. I couldnít ask for a better life. I really appreciate what AHAN did to help my mom and me. My mom wanted me to write this letter to you, hoping that you can support AHAN so that they can help more dogs like me and save many more lives.

Update from Tom
Lukki, from his first day loved to ride in "his" truck. He just sits in the front seat like a person and watches everything. He has gone on long trips such as to Utah and when tires he moves to stretch out on the back seat and sleep.

If staying at a motel he is quiet and bothers no other guests; but at night he lays up against the front door to guard the room.

On his daily walks Lukki has his friends to visit. He lies outside the local grocery store and greets people while I shop. All the shoppers (esp. the ladies) love him and his attitude of, "I'm hansom and yes I allow you to pet me". He is known by many as "The Mayor" of this local neighborhood, that we walk two to three times a day, rain or shine.

Then he stops at the local chimney shop to be petted by the worker at the employee door, next is Domino's pizza for pets/praise and pepperoni, next-door to the fitness saloon for the lady-owner greeting and maybe a cookie. No, he is not done yet on to a local massage business for his favorite masseuse greeting & pets, next to a outdoor-coffee-stand to visit the owner and the people sitting having their outdoor coffee and some days a "doggy-sausage'. If a business is closed he still stops, sits and listens several moments before continuing.

Then to a open field to finish his walk and get some exercise. To finally return home to rest await his next walk to meet his friends and meet new people once again. Always especially quiet and easy-going when visiting children or people in wheel chairs, sitting quiet by their side being petted and talked to/of.

Sadly, he now has a bone tumor that has limited his walking ability; but he still loves his truck rides even though he needs a ramp to get in "his" truck.

I still do the walks and everyone asks about him and wishes him well!

Lukki is still my "Retirement Buddy" and the best gift I got at my retirement six and a half years ago.



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