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Bobby's Long Journey into Unconditional Love ( June 2008 )
A dog we thought would never be adoptable and were about to send to a dog sanctuary, until his miracle arrived.

Update: Bobby's new name is Loki
As a puppy, Bobby had a home. But when he grew up and out of puppy-hood, his owner stopped loving him and didn't want him anymore, so he abandoned Bobby far away from home. As Bobby's owner's car left, Bobby tried to run and follow him, but his owner never stopped for Bobby.

Thus began Bobby's long and difficult journey to find his way back to the only home he knew. He endured hunger, thirst and cruel people and dog attacks on his journey, but nothing dissuaded him from his goal of finding his way home.

Two weeks later, Bobby finally found his home. Unfortunately for Bobby, his owner was not happy to see him. Once again, his owner pushed him out of the house. Bobby didn't understand why his owner stopped loving him and why he didn't want him. Bobby did what he had to do to survive-he begged for food anywhere and everywhere. At the end of each day, he tried to persuade his owner to accept him and each day he was chased away. Still, he'd sit outside his owner's home, waiting patiently, hoping to be accepted once again.

A rescuer, worried that Bobby would be hit by a car or captured by the city and killed, took Bobby and boarded him at a vet hospital. She emailed us for help. On hearing his story, we all felt so sorry for Bobby and felt that since he had been in a home, was still so positive, full of energy and playful with other dogs, we decided to rescue him and put him up for adoption. We found Bobby a loving home right away. Unfortunately, he didn't get along with the family's dog, so he was returned back to us We boarded Bobby in a vet hospital and made arrangements for a dog trainer to keep Bobby and evaluate him. The trainer informed us that it would take a long time before Bobby could be adopted. So we made arrangements to have Bobby live with our long time volunteer Melanie as a foster while we searched for a home for him. Melanie then contacted Cindy, a rescuer and dog trainer, who was willing to take Bobby and improve his behavior so he could be more adoptable

A few months passed and Bobby's behavior improved but he was still a little rough when he played, often biting when he got too excited. We felt that this would be too risky for an adoption, so we decided to place Bobby in a dog sanctuary instead of trying to find a family. Just as we were planning to make arrangements for him to go to a sanctuary and remove his posting from the web site, Julie applied for his adoption, expressing an interest in meeting him. Julie's application looked great and we couldn't bear to pass up this only opportunity for Bobby. Cindy spoke with Julie and explained all of Bobby's good and challenging behaviors. Luckily for us, she had experience with a challenging dog in the past, a fearful dingo-shepherd mix dog with aggressive behavior. Over the years she had trained and bonded with that dog and found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences. She had no reservations in accepting Bobby and all his challenges.

Our volunteer visited Julie's home and reported that Julie and her husband Scott would make excellent dog owners and that Bobby would be very happy there. It's been two weeks since Bobby went to live with Julie and Scott. Though they have had their challenges with him, they have told us how much they love him and will not be returning him ever. Both Julie and Scott can see how much Bobby loves people and how much he wants to do the right thing. They also see that Bobby has an exuberant personality but because he had a difficult start, he will need a little time and proper guidance to learn better behavior. They recognize that although they chose Bobby, Bobby did not choose them and are giving him plenty of time, guidance and love in order for him to feel safe, secure and not afraid of being abandoned, as they begin to work on helping him become a model canine citizen.

Bobby may be a lucky dog but Julie and Scott feel just as lucky too!

Read about What Julie from Wild Dingo about her requirement to adopt a dog and what really happen when they learned about Bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby's new owner, Julie enjoys writing funny stories about him on her web site. To read more stories about Bobby (his new name is Loki) and his new adventures, please visit


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