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John - His dream had come true ( December 2008 )

I was discovered this past June grasping for air in front of a KFC Restaurant. In the hot humid Taiwan climate, I thought that those were going to be my last breaths. I could barely move as one of the KFC workers tried shooing me away. I stumbled onto the road and almost got run over by a car.

I thought back to the days when I had a roof over my head, kibbles for lunch,and a warm bed at night. I remembered what it was like to feel loved, to belong to a family. It was at that lowest point in my life that I was saved.

Her name is Hsiao Chie. She was just a 17 year old girl walking by the neighborhood, but when she saw me struggling for my life, she made it her mission to do everything in her power to help me.

She contacted the local rescue organization and made an appointment with a vet. The rescue organization was moved by my story and found me wandering around the street the next day. She showed me to her car and I immediately got in.

I knew this will be my ticket out of certain death. My mouth was watering from heat exhaustion and I wonder if I would have ever made it if the rescuer was a second too late.

I was taken to the vet where I was treated for skin disease and given shots. I am active and obedient and I follow my rescuer wherever she goes.

On dog adoption campaigns on the weekends, I would weave casually among the crowd, passionate and tender, making people change their impression of big dogs. In my simple mind, everyone is all dog-lovinggood guy. I am now completely treated from skin disease and am looking for the right home. Since I am six years old, there is almost no chance I will be adopted in Taiwan. I am looking for a warm American family who will welcome me to their home.

My dream had come true, the rescue organization contacted AHAN. AHAN found a family who is willing to adopt me. My American dream has become true. My new family loved me, but they couldn’t keep me because they worry about my age and my size is too big for them, they offered to continue to keep me until AHAN can find a new fosterhome for me. I couldn’t believe my life just keeps on changing for better situation. My new foster dad Gary and mom Pacita offered to keep me until I found a home. They used to have a doglike me, they know exactlywhat I need and what I want. My foster mom and dad love me so much. My foster dad works at home, so he is with me all the time. He is alwayspraising me about what a good boy I am.My foster mom Pacita brushed me every day until I fell in sleep. Theygave me so much love, my life couldn’t be any better. Then, one day a very nice family came and visited me. They all fell in love with me. Their daughter is a vet. It was really hard for my foster dad and mom to gave me up, but they want to save the room to many other dogs just like me needs help, so they bought me to their house. They were so happy for me to go to such a nice home. Thank you God for answer my prayer.


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