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Chato’s Rescue Story ( June 2007, Updated Feb 2011 )

Feb. 2011 Update from Chato's mom:

Dear Vicky,
It saddens me to have to tell you this. Chato has past away. He was in no pain. He passed away in his sleep laying next to me. We knew his time was getting close. We are glad we got the chance to give him the best life we could. The love he gave us we will treasure forever. He will truly be missed.       
Take care,         

Original Story

I went to an Indian Reservation for a meeting and found some puppies playing in an open field. I learned that an old lady had died and left one female dog and five puppies. The neighbors were feeding them; but nobody was working on finding them homes or getting them spay/neutered. When I left there, those puppies weighed heavily on my mind.

I did some calling to see if there were some local organizations that could help, but unfortunately they were involved in too many projects and couldn’t help.

Chato before.
I was busy trying to find good homes in the Bay Area for six dogs and two cats. Fortunately, in two weeks time, I managed to place all of them except for one dog, who is still in a foster home. But things seemed to be under control.

We planned to get involved with these dogs from the Reservation in Clear Lake: Dolly, a Sharpei/Pit mix was the first one we took. When we went the second time to pick. up Buddy, Lucky and one kitten, we found there was a dog named Chato, his cherry eyes almost covered both of his eyes.

His owner never bothered to take care of it, and worst of all he had recently moved and left Chato behind to fend for himself.

Chato didn’t look well, but he still tried to come and greet us. Some kids saw him coming toward us and they kicked him and tried to chase him away Before we realized what was going on, I saw Chato lowered his head and sadly walked away as if he knew he wasn’t welcome.

I was so upset, I yelled at the kids and told them that they should never do that to any animal. Chato was just trying to be friendly and wanted to be close to us. I followed Chato and talked to him softly and told him I would come back to get him so he could have a good life. He looked at me with his cherry eyes, full of hope and appreciation, as if he understood what I was saying.

Chato after!!!!

Then I got really busy and Liza from LEA (Love Every Animal) offered to pick up Chato and drive him to a vet in Novato. We knew if his eyes weren’t treated, he would become blind. Chato stayed at the vet hospital for two weeks, had two eyes surgeries and finally was ready to be adopted.

A lady fell in love with Chato’s picture and was so touched by his story, she adopted him. The family has seven cats and they just recently adopted another small dog. Chato and the little dog became the best of friends.

Chato in contest photo!

Feedback from Chato’s mom: I was trying to remember when I sent you a picture of Chato last. He is doing so well. He loves going for walks and getting treats. He loves to play ball too.

I can't see live without him. He knows when its 5:00 that's when my husband comes home from work, he gets so excited. Here he is right now at 9:10 tonight watching TV. (O. k he's sleeping)


August 2007 Update!
Our Chato My hero. This weekend we went camping up in the mountains at Hat Creek,Ca. We had been fishing on and off all day. Dan went back out fishing. So a little while later i decided to take Chato to find him. We went acrossed the bridge and down the stream after not finding him i decided to turn around and go back to camp.

A happy, sleeping Chato!
This was around 6:00pm not a good time to be out in the woods. We were walking pretty fast coming back i was watching out for mountain lions and looking that the ground. All of a sudden Chato stopped dead in his track i almost fell over him. As i ask Chato WHATS WRONG then i heard it and saw it. A Big Rattle Snake coiled up ready to strike me and Chato, The rattle snake was about 3 feet in front of us. Slowly Chato and i stepped back and got away without getting bite. If it wasn't for Chato's quick reaction. I and Chato would of been bite. And we were so far down the stream i don't know how long it would of took anyone to find us. Chato is not just my best friend but now my hero. You should be so so very proud of him we are.



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