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Bond, another successful rescue story accomplished by many people's power of LOVE
( March 2009 )

Bond was an abandoned dog but because of his sweet nature, the neighborhood where he was abandoned decided to take turns feeding him. He didn't have a home but he was very happy to visit the neighborhood and get his regular meals everyday.

Unfortunately, Bond's peaceful, happy life changed forever a year ago when he was brutally attacked by a stranger who purposely intended to fatally harm him for no reason at all. The incident was so shocking and violent it was a miracle that Bond survived.

Thanks to the rapid response by emergency rescuers, Bond was fortunate enough to be able to receive immediate medical attention to battle and overcome his wounds. The aftermath of this traumatic experience required some special counseling and care from a very dedicated foster mom, Jean. With time, Bond slowly but surely put his faith and trust in his foster mom to help him overcome his fears. Since that terrible day, Bond's progress has been amazing. Although Bond lost the vision in his right eye due to some nerve damage, he is in excellent health. Bond is a very friendly and well-behaved dog with no aggression whatsoever. He's now full of confidence and calmly greets other dogs on his walks. He lets anyone walk and pet him and because he's so friendly, he's loved and adored by the neighborhood children.

Unfortunately Bond's foster mom, Jean, had an asthma attack and had to go to the emergency room at the hospital. Jean has been a rescuer for many years and besides Bond, she has three older dogs. Now her landlord wants Jean and her dogs to move because she doesn't like having to see an “ugly” one-eyed dog around her building. Jean is in the process of moving into her parents' garage, which is much smaller than where she is now. Because the new place is close to a very busy street and a school, Jean has to walk each dog separately twice a day. We are really worried about Jean's health condition and Bond's future.

One simply cannot describe in words the overpowering love, emotions, and rewards of bonding with this truly remarkable dog.

Jamie learned about Bond's story and willing to make a commitment to foster Bond and also wants to adopt him if everything works out well with Bond. After two weeks being with Bond, Jamie couldn't think of any other reason not to adopt Bond. Bond finally found his ever lasting home.

Our wishes had come true, thank God for making it happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bond's YouTube Video

Updates, letters and even a video!

Hi Vickie,

Bond is doing really well in his new home! We've only had him for about three weeks, but he's already come so far... He's very brave and curious, and a quick learner. Every day he achieves something new. The first day we had him, he was so frightened it took an hour to lure him through the apartment to the backyard-- but from then on, he was able to do it. It took three days to get him to walk down the stairs to our front door, but as soon as he overcame his fear, he overcame it for good. He's learned to come running when we whistle, and just yesterday he finally learned 'sit'! We're so excited to see him coming out of his shell, and learning new things...

We've been in regular contact with Jean, his foster mom in Taiwan, who took him in after his attack and nursed him back to health over the past two years... under her patient and loving care, he learned to trust people again. Thanks to her hard work, he was ready to make the next leap by the time he arrived in San Francisco. And we've seen so much progress already! Here's an excerpt from an email Jean sent me: "I've never seen a dog who conducted so many people's power together, the power of love to make a miracle for an almost impossible dog. It's the most beautiful story ever-- I've finished writing my part, now you're the writer of the story..."

He's a real sweetheart, so gentle and mellow. He loves his walks, especially when we hike up to the top of Bernal Hill and look out over the city (see photo). Every day he seems more comfortable with us, and more affectionate... I can't wait for the day he gives us kisses! We're working up to cuddling...

Thanks to AHAN and Jean for working so hard to save this very special pup! We're so excited to have him in our lives, and looking forward to helping him build his confidence and be a happy dog again!


Hi Jean!

It's been a while so I thought I'd check in. How are you doing? Is your health okay? All is well here-- Bond is great! He's revealed some new skills recently: maneuvering in really tight spaces, which he does in his free time, to our surprise... he'll go out of his way to practice his moves... last night, he squeezed under the bottom rung of a ladder, which was literally 8 inches off the floor... he could have walked around it, but instead decided to show off-- I guess he's trying to keep his street dog skills sharp... It's kind of hilarious to watch. He turns Calder's studio into an obstacle course, squeezing behind the desk, shimmying under a shelf... very weird, but adorable.

He's getting more and more affectionate, and also less jumpy. A few nights ago, Calder and I were talking and listening to music, and he came over and squeezed between us and put his head on our laps, looking for some love. He lets me lie right next to him and nuzzle my face in his fur, and he likes to get his belly rubbed. I've attached a photo-- he looks less than thrilled to be hugged, but he was very patient with me! ;)

I've been trying to find treats he likes, but he won't eat anything that's not meat or his dog food... I try to give him vegetable or fruit scraps when I cook, or even peanut butter-flavored treats, but he's not interested in anything else-- no carrots, apples, nothing. I don't know how he ever survived on the streets! I guess he's just spoiled now...

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is Bond showing off his latest moves-- sit, stay, lie down, and come. Yay! Hope you enjoy!

Bond's YouTube Video



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