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Blanca - from Taiwan to Home ( August 2008 )

The streetlight fell on a thin, scraggly figure plodding down the lonely street. She wandered through the early morning without any direction, her strength waning with every step. As the first light crawled up the sky, she tumbled and fell. She tried to summon the strength, but the constant gnawing hunger had taken its toll. Only managing to barely lift her head, she caught a glimpse of the convenience store. Trying to preserve what little life she had left, she lay her head back down and curled up against the telephone pole.

A barking human woke her from her restless slumber. Her eyes opened to an agitated man, perhaps the shopkeeper. She stared blankly at him as he hollered and gestured at her. After a few minutes, the rambling man seemed to realize that she could not move, even if she wanted to. Frustrated, he stomped away, leaving the semi-conscious dog curled up in front of the store.

Over the next few hours, she vaguely remembered other humans passing by. Some poked, others prodded, hoping to shush away the unwelcome guest. But the tired dog could not move. Just as she felt herself slip into sleep again, she caught a glimpse of a kind face.

Warmth greeted her when she woke up again. She felt panic for a moment, until her gaze met that of the kind face she had seen before. She felt relief, and a sense of hope wash over her.

Over the next few months, Blanca's hopes were realized. Her rescuer nursed her back to health with regular meals and plenty of care. As her health improved, so did her spirits. She spent time bonding with her foster parent, learning about trusting humans and caring for them as they would her. When her rescuer felt she was ready, Blanca was put up for adoption. And now, she belongs to a loving family.

Words from Blanca's mom

Dear Vicky,

I want to thank you for helping us with our adoption of Blanca and to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts to save animals through AHAN. I was not intending to adopt a dog for a few more months, but when I looked on the petfinder web site, I saw Blanca and just knew that she was meant to be ours. I was recently engaged to a wonderful man named Tim. He has a 14 year old daughter named Kayla, and when I brought home a photo of Blanca that I printed out from the website, they fell in love too! When I found out that Blanca was in Taiwan, well, I was just as excited to adopt her. I just knew that I would have to wait a little longer to be united with her.

The night of May 4th was the arrival of 7 new dogs from Taiwan and it was such an amazing experience! All of the new Moms and Dads waited anxiously for our new pups. When they finally arrived, it was like a reunion of old friends and new. We found Blanca right away and I felt like I'd known her forever! I could not believe how well behaved she and ALL of the dogs were! It was really a site to see. The joy and laughter rang in the air and we all, one by one, got into our cars and went on our journeys toward a new life with our little angels. I couldn't believe how great Blanca was in the car! We also took another pup home for the evening to doggie sit for one night. His name is Victor. He is an amazing little guy too!! He was united with his new Momma the next morning and again, it seemed as though they had known each other forever.

As the days have progressed, Blanca has truly become a part of our family. I cannot remember what it was like without her. It really is as if these dogs know that we have rescued them from a fate we cannot even imagine. Blanca is sweet, funny, so, so soft, patient, friendly, protective, feisty, extremely easily trained and well behaved, and really just an angel!! We are constantly remarking to each other how great she is and how very lucky we are.

Blanca was rescued by a wonderful woman in Taiwan by the name of Amy. We have spoken on the phone and have been communicating regularly about Blanca. It was great to have her foster mother to help us understand her when we first brought her home and it has been great letting her know that her efforts were well worth it. Blanca is the dog she is because of the love Amy has given her.

Thank you Vicky for the work you do and the gift you provide not only to these well deserving little angels, but for us, the adoptive parents as well. It has been an honor to be a part of your mission in saving animals.

Our most sincere gratitude,
Becky, Tim, Kayla and BLANCA!


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