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If you don’t want animals trapped, clubbed or gassed, don’t buy fur!

Before you buy fur, please think about the animals that were killed to make this product. If these animals were trapped, they suffered excruciating pain in steel-jaw leg-hold traps for hours or even days. Such traps also catch dogs, cats, songbirds and other animals who either are crippled or killed or who chew off their own feet to escape, only to suffer or die later. If these animals were “ranched,” they were kept in tiny, dirty cages for months and were killed by electrocution, poison, suffocation or possibly were skinned alive. Remember that trappers, “ranchers” and furriers care only about their profit, not about the animals’ suffering. Please show that you do care and don’t buy or were fur.

To wear fur or not to wear fur-the real issue is compassion. Fortunately, due to the manufacture and availability of products like cotton, canvas, fiber, nylon, acrylic, and others, we can cloths ourselves in a cruelty-free manner. For the American people, fur has become as

More than thirty million animals world-wide are raised in cages and killed each year for their fur. Not only are cage raised animals killed inhumanely, but they suffer numerous physical and behavioral abnormalities induced by the stress of caging condition. Synthetic fabrics that are warmer and lighter than fur have eliminated the need for fur apparel.

Because many animals are housed in a small area, caged-fur facilities contribute to environment contamination. As animal waste falls to the ground through the cage floors, it is washed through the rain into nearby streams and lakes. The nutrients contained in the animals waste can also soak into the soil and contaminate ground water. Unnaturally high level of phosphorus and airregen cause increased algae growth and can kill trees.

You Can Help

Don’t buy clothing made of fur, lined with fur, or trimmed with fur. Don’t buy fur toys or fur decorations.

Share the information with your family, friends, and coworkers. Tell them that caged fur is cruel.

Urge your elected representatives to outlaw caged-fur facilities. Also urge your elected officials to support truth in advertising for fur apparel by requiring labels stating how fur animals are caged, trapped, and killed to be affixed no each fur items.