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Windmill Cats

Someone told me there was a man who didn't believe in spaying or neutering cats and had been feeding cats at the windmill in Golden Gate Park for years. He wouldn't let anyone arrange for them to be spayed or neutered. He had been taking the cats to his one bedroom apartment until finally a neighbor complained because his place was so dirty. As a result, the city shelter rounded up and took away all of the cats from his apartment. The cats he was feeding at the windmill were all in very poor shape because fires were often set around the area and the shelters the cats used burned down forcing them to live out in the cold.

When I learned about this situation, I decided to check into it. I went to the windmill early one morning before the old man arrived and found seventeen cats and kittens that all seemed to be very unhealthy. I decided to catch as many as possible.

Fortunately, the cats were used to being fed by humans and were not too hard to catch. I also discovered four more kittens in the bush area that were about seven week-old kittens. I managed to catch them all except one last kitten. He was out there alone for many days. Every time I approached him, he ran back into the bushes and I worried about him being there alone.

Because of my desperation, I took one of his brothers with me and put him in a small cage and placed him near a bush. The kitten in the cage started to cry and meow and the kitten in the bush came running towards the cage. He seemed so happy and excited to see his brother that he forgot that I was standing right behind him so I decided to take a chance. I grabbed him by the neck very fast and wrapped him in a towel. He was very angry and let out a mean growl. Luckily I had the towel covering him and a tight hold on his neck. I wasn't about to let him go no matter what. After some struggling, I finally got the angry little one into the cage with his brother. The rest of the story of course is that all of those cats were eventually adopted out to good homes. Mission accomplished!