Asians for Humans, Animals & Nature
There They Are: Protest at the San Francisco Taipei Economic & Culture Center

There they are----under the stairs, next to the entrance to the produce market, next to the school door, in the garbage area. There is massive hair loss, their skin is all torn and scabby, their eyes are motionless and some minus a foot or a leg. Some of them haven't eaten for days, their stomachs hurting from starvation, their bodies trembling in a hopeless situation. Waiting for death, some of them just gobble down spoiled food and drink some dirty gutter water to gain a little strength, then disappear quickly to look for their friends to help ease the sadness and fear.

There they are---breeding in pet stores, wire cages, crammed in small enclosures where some of them can't even stretch, their bodies are out of shape and their feet are swollen. They cry, chew on the cage doors trying desperately to escape to the freedom that belongs to them. When all that fails, they quietly and hopelessly curl up in a corner, their trust and innocence stripped away by their deep despair.

There they are---Inside the house, there is laughing, delicious food and yet they are forced to stay outside, with ropes around their necks, tied to the wall, cold and shivering, with no freedom to run, no right to protest, no right to have friends, just living in loneliness and sadness. Their spirits have been broken to the point they are driven of inanities because of boredom. Then one day they become sick and are sentenced to be “thrown away.” From then on they are kicked by humans, hiding under cars, running away from dog catchers who use the thin wires which often cut through the flesh around their necks. They live in constant fear, with little, if any, food and are forever attempting to escape.

There they are---up to one hundred crammed in one cage, like a concentration camp, bloody, humid, endless crying, confused and scared, some of them end up eating each other. Despite their short life full of suffering, hunger, thirst, illness, fear, they are desperately trying to keep themselves awake. Through their tired eyes, they look through the cages hoping to find a sign that they might have chance to live. At the end, their final suffering is beating, electrocution, drowning, poisoning, live burial or live cremation.

There they are---As a companion for humans for thousands upon thousands of years, being used by humans for all kinds of purposes---their different breeds, colors and sizes enriched many humans financially for greed or entertainment.

There they are-- late at night when it was very quiet, shivering from cold and hunger, and curled up to sleep at someone's door.

There they are-- so skinny you could see their ribs, frantically searching for food Sometimes a female with dried up nipples, followed by a few hungry skinny crying babies.

In Taiwan there are still close to two million abandoned dogs living this hellish life every day. With sick and weak bodies, they are fighting extreme cold or heat, thirst and hunger. These innocent creatures are trying their very best to survive on busy streets, running away from kicking feet and constantly trying to avoid capture by unreleasible wires. Asians for Humans, Animals & Nature instigated the first protest at the San Francisco Taipei Economic & Culture Center. Then using our strategy, IDA & Peta cooperated and assistance, with our united effort, after the second worldwide protest, Taiwan finally passed the animal protection law.

We can't solve all of their problems, but I believe if we could set up a role model type (American standard) of free and low cost spay/neuter clinics in Taiwan, I believe it could stimulate others to follow.

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