Asians for Humans, Animals & Nature

We believe education is the primary way to change people's relationships with the animals and the environment. Over the past few years, AHAN has made a commitment to personally expose student visitors from Japan to these issues by hosting them at our sanctuary in San Francisco. These students learned about the connection between living things by practicing organic gardening, helping with our strays, and working for animal welfare. When they returned to their homes in Japan, they took new experiences and a heightened awareness, sharing these ideas with their own communities.

"I really appreciate your kindness, I could learn a lot of things, not only English, but also I learned about volunteer and environment. Most of my friends said I changed a lot... I agree... I think it's all because I could meet good people like you and absorb your knowledge and way of thinking... Thank you very much for everything...Take care! and please say hello to cats."


"I told my parents and some friends about the food. Some of them said, 'I [understand that] 90 percent of Americans eat a lot of meat.' Thanks to you, I could know about food and health. I was very glad to stay with you. I'm trying to check natural food shops around my town. Take care of yourself. "

~ Love, Noriko