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...Sweet Sammie..

On a rainy cold night, Ya-Bao was feeding abandoned dogs in the park as usual. While the dogs were eating, she saw a skinny shivering dog some distance away, looking at the delicious food the other dogs were eating, but she didn't dare join them. She was soaking wet, her almost hairless skin made her chillier. Ya-Bao talked to her gently and left some food close by her. The dog carefully kept the distance and gobbled down the food. The next few nights Ya-Bao continued to feed her in the same area. The third night, when Ya-Bao was leaving, she start to follow Ya-Bao. Because of her being so skinny and small compared to the others, Ya-Bao couldn't leave her behind and decided to take her to the apartment she rents just to temporarily help the urgently needy dogs. Unfortunately, the landlord only allows her to keep four. This one will be one extra. Luckily, this dog knew Ya-Bao was trying to help her. She never made any noise in the apartment and the other dogs seemed to understand the situation. They welcomed her with affectionate greetings without making any noise either. It was as though God was trying to help these dogs through Ya-Bao, Liz, Kim, Davi and many other kind people.

Sammie lived at AHAN for nearly a year and was pretty attached to us. She went to several homes, but always ended up back at AHAN. She just can't seem to let go. Throughout the year we tried our best to help Sammie forget her past and start a new happy life here. She is currently doing very well, and we were finally able to find a suitable loving home for her. Sammie and her new mom both love each other very much.