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ROCKY aka Ping Ping

Rocky was a scrawny little dog hanging around an open supermarket area in Taiwan. He was only about three months old, skinny, dirty and searching for scraps of food to try to survive. A rescuer spotted him and took him home, but unfortunately she didn't have enough room for him because she had six other adult dogs that she had rescued. All the dogs were in cages, so Rocky had to spent all his time in a cage, but at least he was being fed.

About a year later, the rescuer was killed in a car accident. By the time another rescuer found out, it was three days later. After all the dogs were moved to a temporary kennel, they had been in those cage for three days without food or water. The other rescuer was in tears when she saw the situation.

The family of the dead rescuer couldn't care less about the dogs-wouldn't even come up with one penny to try to help the situation and they took over the premises.

Rocky is a very kind dog, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. There was a big male dog that didn't like Rocky and constantly harassed him to the point where Rocky had to be hospitalized when he was injured by the big dog. That was the reason he was coming to the United States for adoption. With close to two million abandoned dogs in Taiwan, finding a good home is almost impossible.

After Rocky was rescued from Taiwan, he developed a
special relationship with Serena, one of our volunteers.

Rocky was cared for by me for about two weeks. He bonded with me in a very short time and I eventually found him a very nice home. He was doing so well his new mom, Jackie, thought it was ok to let him go out to the fenced backyard while she was getting his food ready. It was only about ten minutes but somehow Rocky found a hole underneath the fence and got out. Jackie was really worried after she went out to look for him but couldn't find him.

Jackie spent the next five hours looking for him, with no luck. Finally she called me. From then on, we searched for him every day. We did get some phone calls from people who had spotted him. From the way the area was described, it seemed that he was heading in my direction. I cut some clothes into small pieces and attached them to about fifty street poles hoping he could follow the scent and come back, but it didn't happen and each day our hope of finding him became less and less. I was so depressed and feeling guilty-- wondering if I did the right thing by flying him all the way from Taiwan to San Francisco only to be lost. I had many sleepless nights thinking about him, how attentive he was, always looking into my eyes and ready to please me. I was heartsick.

Two weeks later, I got a phone call from Denise of the San Mateo Peninsular Humane Society who realized the flyer that Jackie and Peter had dropped off matched one of the dogs they had picked up. When I got the phone call, I couldn't believe it was true, because San Francisco is 20 miles from San Mateo. When I saw Rocky, I burst into tears, all my frustration broke down. I felt like I was in a different world.

Rocky was so happy to see me , he didn't want to stay in the back of the station wagon and sat on my lap all the way home. When we got there, he just cuddled with me and stayed so quiet as if trying to tell me how much he missed me.

Jackie and Peter felt very happy that we had found Rocky, but the experience of losing him was so traumatizing, they decided to adopt another dog from me that had arrived from Taiwan the day before we found Rocky. The new dog named Francis worked out perfectly for them and he has settled in beautifully.

Rocky is now living happily with a new family. We wish the best for him.