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In the autumn of 1999, on the sidewalk in a deserted area, a rescuer spotted a dog she named Lucky Because of starvation, he was lying lifelessly, the right side of a foot was injured and his toe nails were gone. He was so afraid of people that he tried to hide from the rescuer, but because of his condition he couldn't get too far. Now he is healthy, totally tame, loves attention and also enjoys playing with other animals, but is still very cautious about people he doesn't know. Since the rescuer's home is very small and close to a busy street, it is difficult to find time to walk him in the quiet at night or early morning, because those are the times that many street dogs need to be fed by the rescuer.

Lucky finally had a chance to come to United States. One of our volunteers, Trisha, was going to foster Lucky, but decided to adopt him. Lucky sure is lucky. Trisha is crazy about him, and he has been pampered from the day he arrived.