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Heaven & Earth

A German reporter went to Taiwan to visit the City Animal Pound and was overwhelmed by the conditions there. Every cage was crammed with dogs. Then one pair of sad eyes caught her attention. His name was "Heaven." He was sitting there motionless, despairing, somehow knew his fate, yet accepted it in a very courageous way.

The reporter decided to take him to Germany with her. Unfortunately, after a thorough check up, it was discovered he had heart worm and it would be some time before he could leave the country. So she found another rescuer to feed and medicate him.

Most rescuers have to feed as many as 100 dogs, and the husband of Heaven’s caretaker refused to let additional dogs in the house, so Heaven had to live outside with another rescued dog named "Earth." Although a wooden house was built for the dogs, a neighbor didn't like having dogs around, and eventually destroyed the house. Heaven and Earth were left shivering in the rain and cold.

One day the caretaker’s husband became so angry at all the time being spent with the dogs he broke the window in the front of the house and almost injured Heaven and Earth. At that point, the caretaker knew she had to find a better situation. She contacted Yao Bao whom she knew might be able to move both dogs to the United States.

AHAN was contacted about their story, and arrangements were made to temporarily keep Heaven and Earth in Yao Bao’s studio until someone could be found to accompany them out of the country.

This time luck was with them. A woman veterinarian planned to attend a convention in Las Vegas in February and would be stopping in Los Angeles for a few days. Since the ticket could not be changed to San Francisco, AHAN got busy looking for someone to pick up Heaven and Earth at the LA airport and bring them to San Francisco.

IDA offered to do it. Someone who was working with Jane Goodall heard about the situation and found a very nice woman who went to the airport to pick up Earth and adopted her. Heaven was picked up by yet another volunteer who kept him for a few days. The woman from IDA, who was recovering from surgery, drove Heaven to one of AHAN’s foster homes in San Francisco. In all, twelve people volunteered their time and energy to come to the aid of these abandoned dogs from Taiwan.

The latest report is that Earth has settled down in her new home and is very happy, and Heaven has figured out every conceivable moment that his caretaker is ready to go out, including just thinking about it. Heaven will dance in circles, ready to go. He hardly ever barks and there is not a mean bone in his body. If someone wants to examine him, he will stay in the same position until the exam is finished.

Heaven is a perfect dog, about twenty pounds, medium to long hair, mixed breed, and face like a fox with a chubby body, light brown and white throughout.