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Angel’s Story

In February last year, an abandoned dog was viciously attacked by someone's companion dog. Because his voice sounded so terrified and sad, the rescuer couldn't help but try to save him. It took many days using food to gain the dog's trust. When she finally could get close to him she thought the funny looking eyebrow on his face was someone's sick joke using ink pen to draw on him. It tuned out it wasn't ink at all, it was a deliberate attempt to burn his eyebrow.

The rescuer doesn't have a job and she relies on her husband's income to support her. She already has quite a few dogs and cats in the house, but she is running out of space, so she has been borrowing money secretly to keep some of the rescued dogs in a Vet hospital which is getting very expensive to keep up. Therefore, AHAN is trying to help transport some of the dogs here for adoption. Because Taiwan still has close to two million abandoned dogs, finding responsible guardians is almost impossible. Luckily for Angel, he was transported here and now lives in a wonderful home with kind-hearted parents who takes great care of him. Angel is very happy, and also he grew a lot bigger!

AHAN wants to help with this urgent situation. If we help these dogs be adopted to the United States, it will really encourage the Taiwan government speed up the enforcement of the Animal Protection Law and give some hope to the rescuers who work so tirelessly. AHAN is also working on setting up a free spay/neuter clinic in Tainan City to help improve the situation.